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The work of the Scout Camps on the Air (SCOTA) Committee is well underway. It has been over a decade since Matt KR8E had the idea of SCOTA, the program is finally getting the necessary attention. The most recent additions to the SCOTA Committee have been three active youth Radio Scouters. Their ideas and energy have been a great addition. Currently, the Committee is working on building the database of BSA owned camps/leased and is reaching out to each council for this information. The program’s purpose is to encourage the general radio amateur population to contact Scout stations as well as encouraging station preparedness and camp to camp communications. 

The program is being built around the concept of BSA owned/leased camps (SCOTA) and scout radio activities outside of BSA owned/leased camps defined as Scout Stations on the Air. (SSOTA). Each council will likely start with one SSOTA which covers all the area of a council outside of a SCOTA. Below are some of the initial thoughts around the award structure. Feedback to the committee is appreciated. 

The Committee is also working with multiple social media platforms to increase awareness of SCOTA among the general amateur radio population. This will likely become a global effort and the SCOTA committee looks forward to working along with other National Scouting Organizations to develop a true World Radio Scouting program. 

You can join the SCOTA IO (  interest group by emailing

Scout Camps On The Air (SCOTA) Facebook Page

Scout Camps On The Air (SCOTA) Facebook Group 





The Committee is looking for help with software development. 



Purpose: The purpose of the SCOTA Award is to encourage licensed radio amateurs to make two way contacts with Scout Camps on the air. 

Eligible: Any licensed radio amateur 


  1. SCOTA activation: The camps should be activated by registered Scouts both youth and adults. No activation by a non-scout will be accepted, since the purpose is to have the Scouts activate the camp. All operations from a camp should have approval from the camp ranger or director. Only operations from either the camp station or within the boundaries of a Scout camp area will be acceptable for counting as an activation for SCOTA. 
  1. SCOTA point value: Stations that count for the SCOTA award are two different types of Scout stations. A SCOTA is a station that is operated from a permanent BSA owned/leased camp. A Scout Station on the air (SSOTA) is any Scout lead radio operation from a Scout event that is outside of any BSA owned/leased Scout Camp. The SSOTA identification is determined by what region they are operating from. Both SCOTA and SSOTA regions count towards the SCOTA award. The four high adventure camps are unique in that within their boundaries there are both SCOTA stations and SSOTA regions.

Below are the points assigned to each type of Scout station.

  1. World Jamboree Station   10pts
  2. National Jamboree Station 9pts
  3. SSOTA High Adventure Region 8pt
  4. SCOTA High Adventure Station 7pt
  5. SSOTA Challenged Council Region 6pt 
  6. SCOTA Council Station 5pt
  7. SSOTA Council Region (i.e. JOTA events) 4pt

SCOTA Award levels: The initial SCOTA award can be earned by collecting 50 points. Twenty five of the 50 points should be from contacts with SCOTA council stations.

Quality Camp Station Award:

Purpose: The purpose of the Quality Camp Station Award is to encourage preparedness and function of the camp station, including its outreach to Scouts. This can be awarded on an annual basis.  

Eligible: Any BSA owned Scout Camp with a SCOTA station.


  1. Offer the Radio merit badge every week of summer camp.
  2. Make at least one camp to camp contact each week of summer camp. 
  3. Complete one station improvement project. 

Quality Scout Station Award:

Purpose: The purpose of the Quality Scout Station Award is to encourage preparedness of and functionality of the Radio Scouters station as well as encourage on air contacts with Scout Camp Stations. 

Eligible: Any registered youth or adult Radio Scout station.


  1. Work at least 5 SCOTA and 5 JOTA Stations in a year or Participate in a JOTA Station.
  2. Finish a station improvement project, if no improvement is necessary then help a fellow radio amateur with their station improvement project. 
  3. Make at least 20 contacts using any mode in a year. 

If you have questions or feedback for the SCOTA committee you can email us at SCOTA@K2BSA.NET You can also reach out and share ideas with the committee or wider SCOTA community on the IO email group or other available social media platforms. 

To learn more about K2BSA please go to WWW.K2BSA.NET


Mike AB5EB

SCOTA Committee Chair

K2BSA Vice President 

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